Thursday, October 30, 2008

Krua Apsorn

It is about remarkable delicious food and owner's hospitality. Krua Apsorn is selected to be the best restaurant by Bangkok Post in 2006 as well as is published in many magazines due to its being favorite of some members of Thai royal family. The place is quite crowded although we, P.Ou's Mom, P.Aey, P.Ou and I, reach there before lunch time, there are a few seats left and reservation is still recommended.

The menu presents around 30 simply local dishes. We start with Mieng Kana, red onion, ginger, peanut, lemon, dry shrimp, pig crackling and sweet sauce warpped in Chinese cabbage. The dishes that should not miss and the restaurant's best selling are Gaeng Luang Lai Bua, or sour and spicy yellow curry cooked with lotus stems, Hoy Malangpoo Pad Cha, or stir-fried mussels with basil leaves and chilli, and Kai Jeaw Poo Foo, or omlet with crab meat. We also have Kana Moo Grob, or stir-fried Chinese cabbage with crispy pork. Dessert is also notable, we have sticky rice and peanut in coconut milk, banana in coconut milk, and coconut ice cream.

Krua Apsorn is located on Samsen Road between Wat Rachathiwat and the National Library, opposite Suan Sunantha Institute. There is no parking space, but parking place can be found some places around there and it may not be convenience for elder to walk. However, it can make up with it tasty food. P.Aey said it was worthy.

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Just passing by your blog and saw this article. I also love the taste of krua Apsorn, my favorite dish is 'green curry with fish ball':)

Another branch of krua Apsorn is located on Din-sor Rd., same street as Mon Nom Sod. Open Mon-Sat, 'til 8 pm.

Bon Appetit !